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Caller ID Spoofing

Phone call by unknown caller

Caller ID Spoofing

Ever heard of "caller ID spoofing?" This is when a scammer uses an organization's name to collect information. This type of scam usually involves a third party making it appear as though a call is coming from a familiar name - in this case Fauquier Hospital or one of our physician offices.

Scams are difficult to trace and unwind, but our team monitors for these types of calls. In the meantime, here are some helpful reminders:

  • Reputable organizations will not call you at inappropriate hours. Fauquier Health Physician Services does not call patients before 8am or after 9pm.
  • Fauquier Health Physician Services will not request personal information or anything related to credit scores over the phone. This includes trying to sell products such as medical equipment or insurance plans. Rather, our office representatives may ask for date of birth and street address to verify identity.
  • Bill collection scams can also be conducted through email or text message. Fauquier Health Physician Services would not ask for personal information, financial information, or social security numbers, via email or text message.

If you receive any call, email or text message from someone claiming to be with Fauquier Health, Physician Services, or any organization that seems suspicious, hang up and call back the appropriate department or office of that organization to ensure the identity is valid.

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