Dr. Esther Bahk, Internal Medicine

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  • Received the Humanitarian Award from the University of Kansas Medical School
  • Also holds a Masters of Public Health degree from Columbia University
  • Loves traveling with her husband and two young children

Dr. Esther Bahk brings to our team a passion for wellness and disease prevention, as evidenced by the large number of health fairs she has organized over the years. Through these public forums, she is able to improve lives by highlighting the threats that jeopardize the overall health of the community. Specializing in internal medicine, Dr. Bahk encourages her patients to become more interested in their own health status and to take a more active role in their own healthcare decisions.

Education and Training

After earning her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Kansas Medical School in 2005, Dr. Bahk completed the Georgetown University/Washington Hospital Center Internal Medicine Internship and Residency Program. Prior to medical school, Dr. Bahk earned a Master of Public Health degree from Columbia University, where she was appointed the Health Policy/Management Divisional Teaching Assistant.

Honors and Awards

Dr. Esther Bahk received several awards from the University of Kansas Medical School, including the 2005 Humanitarian Award, and the Susan K. Gaskill Scholarship for Geriatrics (2002-2005). She was also chosen as the podium winner at the 2006 American College of Physicians Scientific Meeting held by the District of Columbia Chapter for her research covering a case of acute blindness that occurred in a patient after gastric bypass surgery.


At the University of Southern California School of Gerontology, Dr. Bahk studied the role of caloric restricition in Alzheimer transgenic models, and the role of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

As a senior management associate for the Carolinas Healthcare System, Dr. Bahk helped design the framework to study physician profiling data to compare physician practice patters across various quality of care dimensions, and she also developed the first cost accounting system for the healthcare network.


Dr. Esther Bahk worked as a senior manager for the Carolinas Healthcare System prior to medical school, and she also published a Tobacco Cessation Services Directory for the Los Angeles Department of Health.

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