Yesterday, a "Free Trade Area of the Amazon in Shanghai," the news triggered cross-border electricity supplier industry professionals domestic attention.

For a time, "Chinese American goods can direct mail", "no longer have to find purchasing," and "sea scouring the Gospel" and other similar type of speech Ben Pu rejoicing spread, but there are still many users do not thoroughly understand this message .

Amazon settled in the end user Shanghai on China FTA, which impact on the Amazon itself and cross-border electricity supplier industry? In this regard, Tencent technology industry through visits to practitioners and professional analysts to interpret this news event, to help the reader through the fog.

Consumers can reach the Amazon through two channels

Yesterday afternoon, the Amazon (China) Investment Co., Ltd. announced that free trade with the Shanghai Experimental Zone (hereinafter referred to as "FTA"), Shanghai Information Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai Information Investment") entered into a collaboration, the three parties will self trade and cross-border e-commerce business cooperation in the region, and the establishment of cross-border e-commerce platform in the free trade zone.

According to official information released, Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the contents of the letter CIC and Amazon China tripartite cooperation include: First, the construction of cross-border e-commerce platform for domestic and overseas customers to purchase Amazon merchandise overseas websites and Chinese sites to provide services; Second, the construction of logistics warehousing platform for Chinese enterprises to export goods worldwide to provide logistics, warehousing and distribution services, to create a logistics center of radiation of global trade; third is to use FTA experimental area of financial innovation policy, Amazon's optimized financing structure, cross-border cooperation of electronic payment service; four is the use of FTA pilot experimental area of policy advantages, investment in the establishment operator of the subject, and to fight the Amazon headquarters of China's international trade.

Through this cooperation, Chinese consumers can buy and get Amazon's global product selection, through Amazon, domestic SMEs can export to other countries and regions, and Amazon also launched cross-border electronic payment services through cooperation.

The core of the problem is that tax-free trade zone, which means higher taxes before things become more expensive.

Currently, cross-border electricity Amazon's business in China, mainly through "cross-border links" platform launched. "Cross-border links" under the Investment Company by letter Orient Electronics Co., Ltd. is responsible for the payment of specific operations. Since the end of the formal operation since, "cross-border links" is currently on-line filing and businesses has reached 32, were from South Korea, Australia, the US, Italy, France and Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Among them, Hong Kong, DCH, Hyundai Department Store Group, CDFG and other domestic and foreign large electricity providers have been running on the line, the 1st shop, a supermarket, a large number of well-known Taiwan reunification about on-line merchants.

It is understood that the Amazon "cross-border links" platform scale operation is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year. Consumers will be able to enter for the Chinese consumer's entrance, above all foreign goods only, or with the overseas market with the price, but all are expected to have Chinese instructions directly on the Amazon site.

Future, Chinese consumers to Amazon, there are two channels: one is through the US Amazon site for Chinese consumers into the entrance, where the goods have Chinese instructions yuan price; the other is through "cross-border links" shopping guide platform enter. After the completion of the purchase of goods to China will be direct mail, logistics and time can be controlled within 7-10 days.

Breakthrough of the surgery dislocation impact purchasing

This will facilitate the large number of domestic users and export sea Amoy SMEs, but will cause some impact on purchasing, particularly in purchasing the original unregulated market and operational tedious direct purchase platform will be affected.

However, honey scouring the founder Xie Wenbin Artesyn Technologies, said the news of the industry is not so big impact, "had once shouted the FTA has finally gone through cross-border below."

First, the FTA is China, not the Amazon Amazon US, there are many things to do still a problem.

Second, the complexity of the FTA policy now, several large state-owned enterprises occupied resources, Amazon will put much effort and manpower in the above is not to say.

Third, the Amazon is the mall, how many businesses to be able to get on top of the flow still unknown, but a lot of cross-border electricity provider market, can not be just one.

In reality, in the cross-border electricity supplier or overseas shopping, I bought the domestic network, Jingdong, Ali, the only product such as a wave of electricity suppliers to compete for this fat is accelerating. Prior to Jingdong opened up "overseas shopping" channel, Ali launched the "Lynx International" website, SF on line "sea purchase Feng Yun", Suning also launched global share, the only product will have a positive test the water sea Amoy business they have in the cosmetics, home, clothing and other areas to cut overseas shopping market.

In May this year, Ali announced a partnership with the US electricity supplier logistics company ShopRunner, Chinese users from overseas this summer merchandise can be ordered directly through Ali platform.

But many domestic electricity supplier involved in overseas purchases are mainly taken by the dealer or distributor of domestic distribution channels, rather than direct procurement from foreign factories or origin. In addition, some electric provider and does not support the direct mail to the country. This means that users of these electronic business platform of goods purchased abroad are not necessarily their own sources, this fidelity to its ability, the ability to ensure adequate supply of high quality and low price formation constraints, but often do not have the time of receipt guarantee.

According to Analysys International yesterday released "Chinese cross-border electricity supplier industry research report" that the current government support for exports of electricity providers, security authentication, network facilities and other cross-border electricity supplier will form a contributing factor, but the payment system and such as the need to gradually break through the logistics chain. Future cross-border electricity supplier will show sellers diversified platform trend to expand cross-border transactions and localization trends.

In Internet Industry Research Center of CCID Consulting general manager Geng rock opinion, after all, Amazon has the advantage of self-built logistics, overwhelmed cut cross-border electricity provider, before the user can resolve the logistics receipt delays and other problems. Also, previously, China has been in many other cities Ningbo trial cross-border electricity supplier, overwhelmed Amazon in Shanghai FTA can be considered to further advance the policy can be described as cross-border electricity Amazon's business in the east.

It is worth mentioning that, before the Amazon has been little improvement in China and Jingdong Ali competition, but also the formation of dislocation by the force of cross-border competition in the electricity business. After all, the cross-border and logistics which occupy an absolute advantage.

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